ATLAS video game, 2022 Play as Atlas, a titan burdened with carrying the Earth on his shoulders. Carry heavy objects, move them around, and occasionally, ask for a bit of heavenly help. Team project. I was responsible for level design. This game was created as a submission to the GDS Game Jam 2022. Play here (


Obědárium video game, 2022 There’s nothing like sitting down to lunch with the family, eating a proper meal, complaining about life or just watching an argument about whether and where to go on holiday. Obědárium is a simple puzzle game in which you basically try to “survive” a family lunch and not upset anyone too […]


BUŘTOBRANÍ PC/arcade game, 2021 Buřtobraní is a two-player game where you have to grill all your sausages without getting them burned. Grill them faster than your opponent! You can push your opponent’s sausage off his stick to prevent him from winning. The game was created for FIKMAT game jam in Unity. The theme of the […]


Miso video game, 2021 Simple adventure game featuring rhytmical mechanic. Created for GDS Jam in 2021. In an unexplored world there is always something to be afraid of. You are in search of a foreign tribe, however it might not be such a simple task. What else is out there? Is there someone behind all […]

Hide or cry

Hide or cry

Hide or cry video game, 2020 Computer game where player controls a child passenger traveling on a train. He tries to hide from the conductor and pass all the stops without paying. In the train environment I placed passengers in the form of big heads, which amplify feeling of beeing a child. Player searches around […]


SS2020 video game, 2021 Short puzzle game about exploring memories from pre-pandemic time using sound and visual clues. Play here (